Meet the cook

Welcome to Silkes Cooking Corner!

Hi, my name is Silke and you just entered my online cooking corner!
I live in Antwerp, Belgium with my husband Michaël and my French bulldog Yoda.
I started food blogging about a year ago in Dutch at a local blog server.
Unhappy with the layout and possibilities I moved my blog to wordpress and started with a clean sleeve at silkeskookhoekje!
Now I few months later I feel the need to share my cooking experiences with a bigger crowed, so I decided to make the leap and start a English food blog.

I fell in love with food as a little girl in the kitchen of my mother.
When I was just a toddler the savory taste of olives could bring me into heaven and the smell of cinnamon would make me smile.
Inside of me lives a little chef that needs to get out now and then.

Now with my own little family and my own kitchen designed to complete my every wish, I spend most of my spare time baking, frying and stirring.
I have a cookbook collection as large as mount Rushmore and I have boxes full of recipes from magazines.
That is also the way I cook. I start with a recipe and change little bits here and there so it turns out a original mix of flavors!

If you want to know more about, just go and ask.
I won’t bite! (Unless you are a delicious looking chocolate cupcake of course!)


2 responses to “Meet the cook

  1. Silke, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you did! I live in Belgium too–in Verviers. I”m off to see the rest of your brand new blog!

  2. Silke, Sounds like a nice life. A kitchen to fit your dreams? Lucky girl!
    I also have a huge stack of cookbooks. There are never too many!

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