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Peanut butter square brownies

This weekend I was looking for a package of cinnamon I remember recently buying in my local Moroccan grocery shop. I found it in the back of my cupboard together with a jar of peanut butter that was about to expire in two months. I think I must have bought the jar of peanut butter to make fresh peanut sauce about a year ago and now it was wasting away in a dark corner of my kitchen. The hubby and I don’t like peanut butter on our sandwiches so that was no option. But I felt like brownies and I had a recipe for Nutella marbling lying around in a kitchen drawer. Nutella and peanut butter… sounds a little bit decadent no? Well it was. It was also a very filling brownie, but also very rewarding. There is just something about the salty peanuts together with the creamy chocolate that made my heart beat a little faster.


6 tablespoons of unsalted, softened butter
280 grams of light brown sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
150 grams of peanut butter
2 eggs
100 grams of flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
¼ teaspoon of salt
80 grams milk chocolate
80 grams of nutella

 Preheat the oven at 180 degrees and line a brownie baking pan with baking paper.

 Take a large mixing bowl and beat the softened butter with the brown sugar into a creamy paste. Now add the vanilla and the peanut butter and mix until combined. Then add the eggs and beat just until everything is combined. Now fold in the baking powder and the salt, just make sure they are thoroughly  mixed in. Now add the flour and mingled it all very well. Now poor the batter into the brownie pan.

 Melt the chocolate au bain marie. When the chocolate is melted, whisk in the nutella till you get some kind of thick syrup. Now marble the peanut butter mixture with the chocolate syrup. The easiest way to do this is using a fork.

 Now place the brownie mixture into the hot oven and bake it for about 30 minutes.

Let the brownies completely cool down before you cut them into squares.


Banana Split Brownies

The husband did not feel well on Saturday, his throat hurt, his legs were heavy and he was a little tired. By Sunday he was in his sweater on the sofa coughing his lungs out and his temperature went from cold to very hot.
Instead of having a fun weekend with lots of plans and lots of shopping, I transformed into a faithful nurse for the very grumpy patient in my living room.
He drunk the tea with fresh lemon zest and honey  with a long face. The fresh chicken soup with lots of vermicelli got a little more enthusiasm, but nothing could thrill him or make him smile a little.
He stayed a whole day on the cough, slumbering, coughing, and winning because I made him drink orange juice and tea.
So there I was, grounded… well I could just as well experiment a little in my kitchen. Nothing better than a little hocus pocus with my pots and pans.
In my refrigerator I found some bananas which  had seen better days, I also found some mascarpone which was about to expire and  chocolate is a must have in my house. I even have a little chocolate cupboard in my kitchen.
The ingredients reminded me of banana split, the royal wedding of these delicate flavors and one of my favorites on a hot summer night. So banana split brownies It would be!
After the whole house smelled of delicious freshly baked brownies, I could even seduce my sickly husband to take a little nibble of the heavenly pastry. His verdict:  delicious chocolate lushness with a little hint of banana.
Mission accomplished!


150 grams dark chocolate
30 grams milk chocolate
100 grams butter
200 grams sugar
2 bananas
150 grams mascarpone
3 eggs
50 grams cacao powder
60 gram all purpose flour

Preheat the oven at 175 degrees.
Melt the chocolate together with the butter on a low fire or use the au bain marie technique.
In the meanwhile mass the banana.
Now take the melted chocolate away from the heat and pour it into a large bowl or into your food processor.
Now add the sugar to the chocolate mixture and mix it in. The heat of the melted chocolate will make the sugar melt into the dough.
Add the mascarpone and the mashed bananas.
Now add the eggs one by one and turn the food processor to the highest stand.
Wisk everything together.
Sift the flour and the cacao powder and add it to the mixture.

Now pour the batter into a brownie form and bake for about 30 minutes.