Easy Peazy Diner: Dessert

Choosing a dessert was very easy this time around. My father in law bought me a crème brulee burner last year in Spain. After years of trying to get a nice result using the grill of our oven, I could finally serve the perfect crème brulee. On our last visit the casa in-laws they told us they were tired of hearing how wonderful the burner and the crème was and wanted to taste for themselves. So crème brulee it was!
Not a problem for me cause I just love crème brulee. It really is one of my favorit dessert. Maybe the only dessert I will finish completely. I just love to indulge myself with that dark brown caramel layer which you have to crack before getting to the smooth, creamy thickness of that yellow cream.
And its even a lot of fun to make. Not much work to be done to be quiet honest, although I admit it needs quit some time in the oven. But don’t be put off by that. A home made crème brulee is so divine you wont believe you have never tried it before!

INGREDIENTS6 egg yolks
75 grams caster sugar
½ liter full fat milk
½ liter cream
1 vanilla pod
cane sugar
Beat the egg yolks with the caster sugar until the egg turns with and you have swirl of egg hanging from your mixer. (In Flemish we call this beating it ruban.)
Now mix the cream and milk together and bring them to the boil together with the vanilla pad.
When the cream/milk mixture boils pour this over the beaten eggs with constantly beating this. (Don’t to this the other way around cause your crème will not thicken!)
Now poor the crème into low fire resistant cups. (Its very important that you use low cubs. The heat needs to be spread evenly. When you use large cups the top will be burned, while the middle will still be runny.)
Place these cups into a oven tray and fill it up with boiling water. (Be careful not to spill any water in your custard!)
Bake this for about 45 minutes in an oven at 140 degrees Celsius.
Let the crème cool before burning it.

Now dust the crème brulee with the cane sugar and burn it with the burner till you have a nice golden brown caramel crust. (For people who don’t have a burner, you can use the grill of your oven. Its not quiet the same, but it will do.)


One response to “Easy Peazy Diner: Dessert

  1. One of these days, I’m so going to make creme brulee…….I too need to get a blowtorch!!!!!

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