Sunday breakfast: buttermilk pancakes

On weekdays we both eat breakfast at our jobs. We take some corn flakes or bread with us and eat it between phone calls and paperwork.
But on Sunday we make time for our breakfast. There is even coffee and fresh orange juice for crying out loud!
Anyway I try to make Sunday breakfast a little special.
A little treat at the end of a hard week and the only breakfast we get to spend as a real family.
This week I made buttermilk pancakes.
Pancakes are my favourite breakfast next to bacon…. bacon and pancakes together are breakfast heaven as the matter of fact.<
The husband however wasn’t all to happy about my pancakes. “When do I get those thick, fluffy American pancakes I see on TV” he asked.
And I must admit in Belgium we don’t have thick, fluffy pancakes. We eat crepes, thin, large pancakes.
So I decided  to give it a try with a recipe I have been holding for years now in my recipe box. I only replaced the milk with buttermilk, that was a left over.
And it was delicious, the buttermilk made the pancake extra fluffy and gave it some extra taste.


130 grams of all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon baking soda
A pinch of salt
30 grams sugar
1 large egg
240 ml buttermilk
40 grams unsalted melted butter
vegetable oil
topping: I used maple syrup, but you can serve it with whatever you like.

Mix the flour, the baking powder, the sugar and the salt together in a food processor.
Whisk in a small bowl the egg, the buttermilk and the melted butter together.
Now add the egg mixture to the flour mixture and stir it till everything combines.
Don’t worry if your batter has little lumps in it. Its because of the buttermilk, but when you bake the pancakes the lumps will disappear.

I divided the batter into two batches and added some dried raisins to one of the batches.

Now heat a little vegetable oil into a non sticking pan and let it heat gently.
Now add tablespoons of batter to the hot pan. One tablespoon should be enough for one round, fluffy pancake!
I baked them 4 pancakes at a time but all depends on how large your pan is. Just make sure the pancakes can’t touch each other!
When the surface of the pancakes starts to bubble you can turn the pancakes around. The bottom of the pancakes should be hazelnut brown. Let the pancake bake for another 2 to 3 minutes.

Place the pancakes on a platter and serve them like I did with some maple syrup.
The earthy sweetness of the syrup is delicious with the sour touch of the buttermilk.


2 responses to “Sunday breakfast: buttermilk pancakes

  1. Oh, yum! When I was little I used to spend the weekends with my grandparents from time to time. On Saturday my Grandfather made pancakes. I still think of him whenever I have pancakes for breakfast!

    I love Saturday mornings. I wake up feeling rich, with two days ahead of me. Here I go to the market on Saturday or Sunday morning, and I love to walk around seeing the fresh fruits and vegetables and flowers and cheese, etc, etc, etc. That makes me feel rich too!

    Now I have a question. Where do you find buttermilk? My Delhaize doesn’t have it.


  2. @ Kate You cant get it at Delhaize? I buy it there but I think it might be because its a really large delhaize. Try a big carrefour they mostly sell it to.
    And if that does not work I ll mail you a bottle!

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