Crocodile goes curry style

Sometimes you want something completely different on your plate. And for that reason I am a huge fan of Delhaize. They always have something special in their range of products. Every week I take a quick look at the exotic meat section and sometimes I let myself be tempted by Impala steak or Austridge filet. This week I found something special, crocodile! In a long distance past I ate crocodile nuggets in Miami. I seemed to remember they tasted a little bit like chicken and they had a nice dip to go with them. The crocodile disappeared in my shopping basket for some exotic cooking later that night. Once home and ready to cook, I realized I had no idea how to cook crocodile. For once the internet did not bring me the solution. I could not find a lot of recipes with crocodile and the stuff that I find did not meet my expectations. I decided to go a little fusion and prepare the crocodile with a creamy curry sauce and serve it with gratin dauphines. The hubby who ate crocodile for the first time in his life was enthusiast and announced that this would become a regular on our menu. But I still wonder how I could taste chicken in the nuggets all those years ago. Crocodile turns out to be fairly weak in flavor and really needs a good sauce to pimp it up a little.

Crocodile (+/- 350 grams)
1 scallion finely chopped
1 garlic clove
2 cardamom pods
4 mustard seeds
1 red hot chili pepper
A splash of white vermouth
250 grams of double cream curry powder
Pepper and Salt

Cut the crocodile in little cubes and season it with pepper and salt. Now heat in a non sticking pan a little bit of oil together with the garlic clove. When you start to smell the garlic, take it out of the oil and add the chopped scallion, the cardamom pods and mustard seeds. Let it simmer for a while until the scallion turns a light brown color. Now add the finely chopped red hot chili pepper and the pieces of crocodile. Stir-fry until the meat is truly done. Now add the vermouth and let the liquid boil away. Add the double cream and season with curry powder according to taste. Let boil untill you have a thick and creamy sauce. Taste and if needed add some salt, pepper or curry powder.


2 responses to “Crocodile goes curry style

  1. Interesting… Croc Curry. I’ve had Croc before and was surprised that the meat was white. I would have expected red meat. It was good though….

  2. LOL, when I read ‘Delhaize’ I knew you must be in Belgium! Ours has good stuff too. I haven’t seen crocodile, though…I’ll have to look for it now.

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